1. First and most important. Pat yourself on the back for completing a quilt top. You are officially a quilter! 

2. DO NOT BASTE your quilt. If you do and bring it to me I will have to charge you $25/hour to remove all those pretty little safety pins or threads you so lovingly placed while on your hands and knees, quilt top stretched and taped to a freshly cleaned floor.  Sad but true, your back hurt for 3 days and your knees now hate you.  The longarm frame essentially bastes for us once I load it. So please  provide me a quilt top, unattached to batting and backing.

3. DID someone say BACKING?! yes BACKING!  Backing can be pieced, it can be horizontally pieced, vertically pieced, it can be minky, velveteen, fireside or a sheet if that's what you want. Please, no truly I'm begging you. PLEASE make sure your backing is larger than the quilt top.  5-6 inches TOP AND BOTTOM LARGER! That's right folks the more the better!  I also require 3 inches on both LEFT AND RIGHT of the quilt top. 

To make my job easier and make sure your quilt turns out its absolute best please give us that extra space. If we didn't need it we wouldn't ask.

4. PLEASE stick a note with a pin on the top of the quilt. Listing "TOP" 

Perhaps because you've stared at it adoringly for the last while you think its obvious which way is 'UP" but I don't like to assume. Because you know what they say...assuming makes a.... Quilt loaded incorrectly.  

5.  If you have a question or are unsure about anything in the process please just ask me. Save yourself the extra work and potential heartache and just ask. I'm here to help you and make this an exciting step in the process of your quilt.